Bus Permits for Lynn Canyon Park

The District of North Vancouver limits buses in our busiest tourist areas, in order to minimize traffic congestion and keep streets safe.

Buses for schools, non-profit groups, and DNV-approved groups are permitted into the west parking lot at Lynn Canyon if they purchase a Temporary Access Permit in advance of their visit. 2024 bus fees for 2 hours are $32.50 (+5% GST) for buses 24 seats or less or $56.00 (+5% GST) for buses 25+ seats. The base fee of two hours is required even for buses dropping off and picking up groups.

If your group would like to come to the Ecology Centre for a program, it comes with a complementary bus parking permit. Group visits to the Ecology Centre must be booked in advance. You can find more info about group programs here.

Buses without a permit are prohibited from entering the west parking lot at Lynn Canyon, and large buses are not permitted to stop or park on surrounding neighbourhood streets west of the park entrance.

Alternatively, buses may use the free east parking lot located off the northern end of Lillooet Road near the Lower Seymour Conservation Area. No permit is required.

How to Get a Permit

Step 1:
  1. Bus Permit: complete the form on this page to provide us with information about your group, the bus company you are hiring, and when you wish to visit.
  2. Park Use Permits are required for all groups running programs or events in District of North Vancouver Parks. Please visit the North Vancouver Recreation Commission (NVRC) website and fill out the form here. NVRC will use that information to create a permit for you.
Step 2: Wait to Hear from Us
  1. Staff will review the information you submit and contact you regarding payment, typically within 5 business days.
  2. Once the bus permit is paid for, we will email it to you along with our park etiquette guide.

Temporary Bus Access Permit for Lynn Canyon

Information About Your Group
Is the contact person above going to be present during the visit? *
Information About the Bus
Information About Your Visit

Permits for buses remaining in the park are valid for two hours from time of arrival, unless an extra two hours has been purchased. Permits for buses that are dropping off and picking up are not time limited.

Permit Conditions
  • Operator must follow designated bus route signage while accessing restricted areas
  • Vehicle must load and unload passengers in designated areas only
  • Idling is not permitted at any time; vehicle engine must be shut off while parked
  • Park etiquette must be followed by all visitors

If you encounter any issues or have difficulty completing this form, please feel free to reach out to us via email at [email protected]. Please include your booking information along with any relevant details to help us to fix any errors promptly. Thank you!

Information is collected under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Section 26 (c)(d). Contact the Privacy Head at [email protected] for questions about your privacy.