Teachers’ Corner

Discover ways to engage your students with the natural world around them.

Teachers’ Workshops

For North Shore teachers on professional development days or after school.

  • Up to 12 teachers – $120.00 plus GST
  • 13 to 30 teachers – $223.50 plus GST

Get to know your outdoor classroom! One of our naturalists will visit your school grounds for a two-hour session that will increase your understanding of your school’s forest, garden, or stream ecosystem. To book a private professional development day session, please email us at [email protected].

Classroom Resources

We have compiled some of our favourite links to resources from environmental organizations specific to Canada.

Downloadable lessons about energy, ecosystems, plants, animals, habitats, and water environments.

Educator resources by topics including ecology, climate change, water and more.

Lesson plans, activities, quizzes about all kinds of Canadian ecosystems. Some resources available in French.

Webpage specific to coastal rainforests and the animals that live there.

Citizen science projects for kids and adults.

Temperate forest habitat webpage.

Activities to explore environmental learning for elementary and high school teachers.

Elementary and Secondary curriculum used to explore the connection to both land and sea, through Indigenous Knowledge, science, sustainable resource management and much more.

Education programs about energy, climate change and green economy that engage and empower students to create positive change for our evolving world.

Monthly free webinars for K-12 educators about new and relevant educational resources. Online courses, including Citizen Science and eBird Essentials.

Free education program with BC curriculum-linked, K-12 lesson plans and resources to use in the classroom, at home, and outdoors in the schoolyard or local greenspaces.

Thrive Outside: Tips and Tricks for educators, parents, caregivers and more! Learn the first steps of how to lead kids outdoors, or learn more about unstructured play and learning.

Discovery Drawer Showcase

Elementary school students – we want to showcase your projects!

We have a drawer in our Kids Exploratorium wing that features handcrafted projects by local students. We would love to showcase your work (e.g. display board, model, project, diorama). It will then be displayed for up to a month!

Here are some ideas:

  • Water, soil, seasonal life cycles
  • Study of a living thing
  • Adaptations of plants or animals
  • Needs & features of specific living things
  • Evolution, survival, and/or natural selection
  • Food chains and webs in your local area
  • The 5R’s (refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle) & more!
  • Human impacts on the environment
  • Local plants and animals

Important note: drawer dimensions are 49 cm wide, 15 cm high, 39 cm deep.

Please include your name and contact details with your display so we can return your work to you.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or phone us at 604-990-3755.